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Check List for a strong core

By Ray Martinez | 20 January 2021
healthy core

A frequent question that has been coming up is how does one lose inches around the midsection and develop strong stomach muscles. Well there’s a couple of things I would like to…

What you need to know before switching to an organic diet

By Ray Martinez | 28 December 2020
organic diet

What does it mean to eat organic? Organic Farming vs Commercially Farmed: When we are speaking of organic farming we are referring to the process in which food is grown…

Eye expert on screen time and eye health

By Ray Martinez | 01 September 2020
vision banner

Good Vision is Critical for Success. Your eyes aid in movement control and recognition and play a crucial role in stability and balance by assessing the environment. For an athlete…

Side effects of working with a holistic exercise coach

By Ray Martinez | 06 August 2020
chek professional

What is a CHEK Coach? Chek professionals base their exercise programs on the training and teachings of the world-renowned C.H.E.K Institute, located in California USA. Committed to a holistic approach…




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