Discover Optimal Health Over 40 Through Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition

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You Look Different.

Because you're not wincing in pain, you find yourself smiling more. You step in every room with more energy and confidence.

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You Feel Different

You don't have to have your chiropractor on speed dial when you pick up a sock off the floor and you can carry all the grocery bags in a single go.

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You ARE Different

Your family sees the difference in you and your friends will ask "hey what's your secret?"

Your body is designed for more

Life is too short to feel stuck


Don't be held back by your current physical and mental state.
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Is pain and discomfort stopping you from living a joyful life?

Let's help you start helping yourself with my expert guidance backing your progress all the way. Do something positive about reaching your goals TODAY!

Diets and cookie cutter programs?


Not here.


I believe in helping you look and feel your best


Awareness Training offers a big picture approach to health and fitness.


Ready to move pain free?

Ray Martinez

Owner of Awareness Training - He's been working diligently in the health and fitness space for well over a decade. 

Ray began as a group fitness instructor before specializing in personal coaching to help clients achieve total body health and fitness - His philosophy can be summarized as "You must treat the body as a whole"



Real People. Real Life Changes

See what other satisfied trainees have to say about my programs

"I've been working with Ray for over 3 years now, before we started I had no idea where training was going to take me. When I look back at old photos I felt I looked really good and I was feeling good, but when I compare that to how I look now and how I feel now, I'm way more toned and I feel much stronger than I ever have before..."

Kristine P.

"As a mother of 3 kids, ages 4 and under, life can be pretty busy and chaotic. I used to workout at the gym 5-6 days a week but was never to able to reach my desired weight goal until I spoke to Coach Ray and signed up for his program. He helped me realize the bigger picture and the importance of healthier food choices and how it can really make an impact on your body and how you feel..."

Kristina B.

"Ray used a detailed assessment process to design a program of corrective stretches and exercises for me. He continued to monitor and modify the program every few days to make sure that I could progress without hurting myself. I did not feel judged about the state I was in, as he has a calm and caring way about him..."

Sharon M.

Articles And Resources

Check out my blog for regular fitness articles, nutrition tips, recipes and latest updates from Awareness Training.

Want to Lose Body Fat? This is how

Body fat is a major player in keeping our bodies in good health – Despite the messaging of us wanting to burn it at the stake. It helps regulate body temperature, stores energy, and supports our metabolism. There are two types of fat you should be aware of. Storage fat– Located under the skin and…

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How to Flip Poor Health Thoughts

Your thoughts can make you sick. Or they can be healing. It’s up to us to choose. Here are common poor health thoughts I’ve heard clients say and how we can flip them to dream affirming thoughts. “It’s all Downhill from Here.” Another birthday strolls along. Instead of enjoying the moment, you remind yourself that…

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Have you booked your Free Call? How to Prepare

Your first meeting with Ray will begin with a free Awareness call – Every client who gets on a life changing program always starts here – Afterall, we need to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. Although I say consultation call, this meeting can be over video chat or can…

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