Private Chef Shares Practical Healthy Eating Tips

It’s not everyday you get advice from a skilled private chef!

I sat down with Max from the Notorious Chef to learn and share his wisdom with my clients who have daily battles with eating healthy.

In this interview you’ll learn what inspired Max to create his private chef business. How to keeps meals from getting boring and bland. And he’ll even surprise you with his hot sauce brand that doesn’t have fake ingredients.

You can also find The Notorious Chef on Instagram: @thenotoriouschef1

Hey by the way, if you are having a tough time with eating foods that support your body, I know a way I can help.

Like we mention in the video, the best thing you can do is keep it simple.

That’s why when I coach clients, they get a big AH-HA! moment in their first session alone when I share with their them Primal Pattern Diet Form

This form will shine a light on the type of meal your body functions best with in regards to fats, proteins, and carbs.

This isn’t a diet, rather, a powerful tool to kick start your awareness. Allowing you to make better eating choices in less time.

If you want this form, simply message PRIMAL to

You’ll get your form shortly after.

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