4 Fun and New Ways to Exercise

Spam Call Slam Ball – No body likes spam calls – And now they’re a daily thing – Let the next spam call you get be a reminder for you to do this full body exercise.

*Phone rings*

You pick it up: Hello?

Hi is this Mr. or Mrs……

That’s your cue. Position your feet shoulder width apart. Lift the phone above your head and slam it down under you. Bending the knees, lift the phone back up and slam again. Repeat this process for one minute – Or until the call stops.

You’ll burn calories with the added benefit of the same caller to unlikely call you again.

This exercise works your quads, shoulders, and your warranty

Partner Toss – The next time anyone tells you that you can’t do anything, you’ll have the chance to get a workout for your legs and arms.

Why are you always eating healthy? Come on don’t be a buzz kill. Come get drinks with us. We’re going to the bar later, you can let loose one night….

You’ll have plenty of time to set up for the partner lift. Trust me, they will go on and on about all the things you should be doing with your life instead.

For this one rep power movement, start my gently grabbing at the collar of their shirt with both hands. Next, lightly place your foot at the base of their stomach. Precede to fall backwards as you pull with your arms at the same time pushing with your leg – Guiding them softly towards the nearest exit.

It will feel like a fun ride for them and a quick and effective workout for you.

You know you should really stop eating red meat, it’s really ba…ahhh

Sleeper agent – This is really fun. You get to pretend you’re a Cold War sleeper agent who springs to life at a given phrase. The phrase can be anything you choose as well as the exercise you have to do when the phrase is uttered.

For example: Let’s say the phrase you chose was apple sauce and the exercise you chose was push-ups.

You visit your mother one day. She excited to share some baked goods from a new recipe she found online. This is really good you say. What’s in it?

Apple sauce she replies. The fork drops from your hand. You get a glazed look in your eyes. Immediately you drop from your seat and assume a push-up position.

One! Two! Three! You start counting out. What is going on? Your mother asks surprised. You don’t answer. You have one mission and one mission only. Finish your push-ups. Part of the fun is never addressing the exercise during or after you finish.

You’re scaring me dear

Then, only once you are done, you resume the savory dessert your mother prepared. Mission accomplished

Dog walks you – Walking your dog is one of the best exercises you can do together. You’re happy, you’re dogs happy, it’s great.

Want to make it even more fun?

Let go of being the leader of the walk and let your dog walk you. You’ll end up in new areas you’ve never explored before.

This exercise works best when you dedicate a specific amount of time to walking – Within that time you may find yourself at a local dog park you didn’t know existed.

Sometimes you’ll end up in other people’s lawns- or across state lines- just make sure you can call an Uber if needed.

Well Sarah, maybe if SOMEONE hadn’t slammed their phone after they got that spam call, we could call for help

*Disclaimer: Participating in exercises may involve physical activity and exercise that could potentially result in injury, damaged phones, or becoming lost. By participating, you assume all risks and liabilities associated with these exercises. Also this is satire.

Better Workouts

Effective workouts aren’t always fun and fun workouts aren’t always effective.

I believe that you don’t have to have a laundry list of boring exercises to feel good.

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If you are ready for a program that will help you:

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Feel Different -You don’t have to have your chiropractor on speed dial when you pick up a sock off the floor and you can carry all the grocery bags from the car in a single go.

Be Different – Your family sees the difference in you and your friends will ask “hey what’s your secret?”

It’s time to start backing your progress all the way with expert guidance.

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