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4 Fun and New Ways to Exercise

By Ray Martinez | 15 May 2024
Woman lifting weights in a gym

Spam Call Slam Ball – No body likes spam calls – And now they’re a daily thing – Let the next spam call you get be a reminder for you to do this full body exercise. *Phone rings* You pick…

Better Circulation for the Legs- How to do Calf Pumping

By Ray Martinez | 10 May 2024

Called “the second heart”, the calf muscles work as a pump to squeeze veins in the legs to return deoxygenated blood back up to the heart. Your fighting gravity here, so you’ll need a hard-working pump. When you get your…

Better Skin and Healthy Joints with this Specific Juice

By Ray Martinez | 18 April 2024

Video: My friend Chanel Stone from Juicelyfe topping off my watermelon juice I ordered. After trying her watermelon juice at a network meeting, I was blown away of the quality her products. You should know where your food comes from,…

This Optometrist Dances Better Than Most 20 Year Olds. He’s 68. Here’s His Secret…

By Ray Martinez | 16 April 2024

Video: They use to call him “Wounded Knee” in high school on account of his bad knees. Now you can’t keep him off the dance floor. How many 68 year olds do you know that can do that? I’ve had…

How to stop mouth breathing right now

By Ray Martinez | 11 April 2024

I wish someone told me to keep my mouth shut a long time ago.

That sounds rude,

But, I’m coming from a health conscious approach…..

How to Optimize Your Sauna Time

By Ray Martinez | 06 March 2024

The sauna is a special place for me. It allows me to take a moment of my day to focus on slowing down. Also, I get to sweat out all the gunk my body doesn’t need. Saunas, specifically infrared saunas…

Private Chef Shares Practical Healthy Eating Tips

By Ray Martinez | 27 February 2024

It’s not everyday you get advice from a skilled private chef! I sat down with Max from the Notorious Chef to learn and share his wisdom with my clients who have daily battles with eating healthy. In this interview you’ll…

Amazing!- How We Can Support Farmers

By Ray Martinez | 07 February 2024

I’ve come across something truly special- a community of compassionate people just like you who are fighting hunger and poverty around the world. Together, we are making an impact. Heifer International helps provide nutritious food, shelter, clean water, a decent…

Help! How to Balance my Blood Sugar

By Ray Martinez | 27 January 2024

Your doctor told you that your blood sugar is constantly too high. Normal Blood Sugar: If your blood glucose stays between 70-100 milligrams per deciliter. There isn’t one area of the body that isn’t affected by constantly high blood sugar…

Help! Exercising with a baby. How to get fit

By Ray Martinez | 19 January 2024

So I heard you recently had a baby. Congratulations! It’s a momentous and profoundly significant event that is worth celebrating. Let’s explore solutions to questions that arise among new mothers who wish to get and stay fit. When is it…




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