Amazing!- How We Can Support Farmers

I’ve come across something truly special- a community of compassionate people just like you who are fighting hunger and poverty around the world.

Together, we are making an impact.

Heifer International helps provide nutritious food, shelter, clean water, a decent education, and access to health care to farmers in need in nearly 19 countries around the world.

Because community is a cornerstone to what make Awareness Training a special place, giving back to others is something I’ll never bat an eye at.

That’s why when you book a session, sign up for a class, or enroll in an advanced training program, your money is going towards a worthy cause.

Making you a champion of the community (Oh go ahead…. flex those muscles!)

Watch Your Impact

I invite you to check out the inspiring stories of how our donations have already made an impact on individuals and families.

Check back regularly to see more.


Is being part of a community that prioritizes health and kindness important to you?

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