This Optometrist Dances Better Than Most 20 Year Olds. He’s 68. Here’s His Secret…

Video: They use to call him “Wounded Knee” in high school on account of his bad knees. Now you can’t keep him off the dance floor. How many 68 year olds do you know that can do that?

I’ve had the pleasure of having Dr. Bob Rothbard from Rancho Cucamonga Optometrist Center as my optometrist for over eight years.

His passion for optometry shines through every annual eye check up, with no signs of dimming.

Recently I was invited to his office to chat.

With Dr. Bob there is no shortage of interesting conversations.

From eye enhancing exercises, investing, his trips to New York, and how he currently stays fit.

I just had to know,

How exactly does Dr. Bob maintain his level of energy and strength to see patients throughout the day, and to still enjoy what he does?

The Best Kept Secret to Staying Fit as You Age

What he credits his vitality to is a form of training that so many older adults tend to neglect,

Strength Training.

Dr. Bob has a dedicated routine to the local gym he frequents where he uses a various amount of workout equipment. Ones that he feels confident using and that challenges him.

Moreover, he even hired a personal trainer to teach him how to exercise with good form.

But wait,

With so many people suffering from joint pain in there 40’s, 30’s, and even shockingly 20’s , Dr. Bob must also have a list of ailments that plague him…..


Strength training helps manage joint pain when done correctly as Dr. Bob has experienced with his dedicated routine.

Furthermore, he emphasizes the lesser-known cognitive benefits of strength training. It’s remarkable how this regimen has helped maintain Dr. Bob’s sharp mental acuity over the years.

No wonder why Dr. Bob is still as sharp as ever.


If you want to enjoy a body that moves like butter and be strong enough to enjoy your passions, start a strength training routine this week.

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