How to stop mouth breathing right now

Carlos learning the benefits of mouth tape.

I wish someone told me to keep my mouth shut a long time ago.

That sounds rude,

But, I’m coming from a health conscious approach…..

Side Effects

Mouth breathing is a dysfunctional breathing pattern that is closely related to stress and poor breathing mechanics.

It has been documented that those who habitually breathe throughout their mouth experience negative side effects such as poor sleep quality, low energy, anxiety, and decreased quality of life.

This can further result in poor posture such as forward head, as the body tries compensate for the restricted air flow.

Cue neck tension, headaches, compromised vertebral disc health, and dental issues.

Proper breathing helps manage stress. If we don’t breathe correctly, we only stoke the flames of the stress response.

We must re-learn how to breathe.

I’ve been a mouth breather for years. Nobody taught me how to breathe through my nose.

It wasn’t till my mid 20’s did I grasp the importance of nasal breathing.

The nose works as the body’s filtration system. It purifies the air we breathe before it enters the lungs.

Not only that,

When you breathe through your nose opposed to your mouth, it helps maintain lung volume and improves oxygen circulation in the body.

If you want to stop feeling like a worn out battery, stop mouth breathing.

Here’s how I trained myself to breathe with awareness

First, I needed to address my conscious awareness of my mouth breathing. Where intention goes, energy flows!

Just noticing how I am breathing throughout the day strengthens the habitual act of inhaling through the nose. Both in meditation or physical exercises.

This will take daily practice. Try breathing in for 5 seconds and breathing out for 5 seconds. Repeat this throughout the day with you lips sealed.

After that,

I needed to address my unconscious mouth breathing while I slept. Which is difficult to do when you aren’t awake to correct yourself.

Luckily there are helpful tools to correct this issue.

Every night, for the past 3 years I have been a devoted fan of sleeping with mouth tape. By placing a thin strip of medical grade tape across my mouth, I am able to breathe through my nose throughout the night.

Because we both know the benefits of breathing through the nose, you now understand why this is my forever protocol for better sleep.

Mouth tape I use

And that’s where I would start if I were you.

By addressing how you breathe throughout the day and while you are sound asleep, you can breathe new life into your body.

For more tips on breathing and getting out of stress, check out my free awesome resources

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