How to roll your own healthy sushi without a sushi mat

I ran into a dilemma.

I really enjoy eating sushi, but I don’t always like that I don’t know what is in the sushi rolls from local restaurants.

This is when I wondered if I had what it took be my own sushi chef. The results? Super easy.

And then there was another issue…..

Most recipes will call for a sushi mat. The one thing I don’t have!

However, I like to get creative whenever I can, so I found a way to roll my sushi by only using parchment paper.

So the good news, you can learn how by watching this video:

Simple right?

Now I challenge you to become better in the kitchen by trying it yourself!

The ingredients I used for my nutritious sushi rolls include: canned salmon, sriracha, cucumbers, carrots, cooled white rice, and sushi nori.

This recipe can be found in my 30 Days of healthy recipes. If you want to kick the poor eating habits out the window, I recommend you download it and try new meal ideas you and your family will love.

You can get the guide as well as other free resources by clicking the link below.

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