How to Flip Poor Health Thoughts

Your thoughts can make you sick. Or they can be healing.

It’s up to us to choose.

Here are common poor health thoughts I’ve heard clients say and how we can flip them to dream affirming thoughts.

It’s all Downhill from Here.”

Another birthday strolls along. Instead of enjoying the moment, you remind yourself that the best years are behind you. You have aches and pains? That’s part of the downhill journey you say. You may even have a fear of losing your independence as you age.

Flip that thought: As I continue my journey, life flows with ease and grace. Every step I take brings me greater joy, health, and fulfillment. I embrace the natural progression of life. Each day becomes smoother and more rewarding.

I Can’t Do the Things I Used to Do

You use to run, hike, have fun – Now getting up from the floor is a challenge. It feels like everyone else is enjoying life while you sit on the bench. To move around freely with grace and energy would be life changing.

Flip that thought: As I grow, I discover new strengths and abilities. Each day, I find new ways to enjoy life, embracing the wisdom and experience that come with age. I am capable, vibrant, and able to adapt to any challenge with grace and confidence.”

I’m Not as Flexible as I Used to Be

How you wish you had the flexibility to reach down and touch your toes. You’ll do a random stretch every now and then. Nothing seems to be improving. There are times you are afraid that if you reach down to pick something up you are going to pull a muscle.

Flip that thought: “Every day, my body becomes more flexible and resilient. I embrace gentle movements and mindful practices that enhance my flexibility and overall well-being. I am grateful for the strength and grace my body continues to develop.”

“My Body Doesn’t Recover Like it Use to”

You did a workout on Monday and your body is still paying for it on Friday. What happened? You use to bounce back from these challenges. Now it’s like you have to take the whole week off when you get sick. Your body just doesn’t recover like it use to.

Flip that thought: My body heals and recovers efficiently and completely. Each day, I become stronger and more resilient. I nurture myself with patience and care, knowing that my recovery brings renewed energy and vitality.”

I Worry More About My Health Now

If you ever put off going to the doctors you know this feeling. You worry of the things that could happen to you. On the screen of imagination, your mind constantly churns out anxiety inducing thoughts about your health. You’re in a constant state of fear, and for that reason you feel paralyzed.

Flip that thought: I trust my body and mind to stay healthy and strong. Each day, I make positive choices that support my well-being. I focus on the present moment, embracing peace and confidence in my health and vitality

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