Help! Exercising with a baby. How to get fit

New mom holds baby while exercise. She is staying fit and healthy.
Little known fact: Babies can add good resistance for your squats

So I heard you recently had a baby.


It’s a momentous and profoundly significant event that is worth celebrating.

Let’s explore solutions to questions that arise among new mothers who wish to get and stay fit.

When is it OK to return to exercise?

A general rule of thumb is to hold off on medium to higher intensity exercise until after your 6-week postnatal check up with your doctor.

With uncomplicated pregnancies, you may find that walking can be done a few days after delivery. As long as you can tolerate it. Light stretching can also be done.

If you had a C-Section or a complicated pregnancy, it is best to speak to your OB-GYN when it’s safe to return to exercise.

How long should I exercise for after having a baby?

150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity is a great guideline for new mothers wanting to stay fit.

To break this up, you can do 30 minutes of exercise for 5 days.

Because time is a challenge for new mothers, you may find it more effective to break that up even further with 10 minute movement sessions spread throughout the day.

Some mothers I have coached found that when their baby was asleep, they could do simple at home movements such as marching in place or gentle hip stretches.

What kind of strength exercises are safe to do?

The best exercises for new moms are going to be the ones the retrain the core.

I’m stunned when I see new mothers on the floor busting out as many ab crunches as they can.

These are hardly effective, let alone unsafe for when your stomach muscles have been naturally weakened.

Core exercises such as TVA activation, hip extensions, and forward ball rolls are a staple in my mom client’s workout program.

Isolate. Stabilize. And integrate!

After your core is trained, you may start to train other movements such as squats, shoulder presses, lunges, body weight rows, and rotational movements. Increasing the resistance as you progress and become comfortable.

How do I stay motivated to exercise?

Motivation in itself in not a good long term strategy to stay fit.

And when your a new mom, your ability to stay on top of your fitness is going to be challenged.

Instead, I invite you to focus your awareness on a new self-identity.

In three years time, what kind of mother do you want to be? Do you want to be the mom that is known for carrying two car seats in each hand? (Those things are heavy.)

Maybe your the mom who encourages the other moms to do another jog around the park, you haven’t broken a sweat yet….

Or maybe you want to be like one of my clients Kristine, who values being able to keep up with her son and instill the same healthy habits in him.

“I don’t think I’d be able to carry my son Lucas, when you have a son who is bolting out of the store with a candy bar in his hand, to catch him you have to be in pretty good shape! Also when he copies me in what I do, I know he his is seeing me practice healthy habits, ones that I want him to carry with him in life.”


So just remember new mother, you are doing just fine.

You’re here taking action by learning more about what it takes get and stay fit.

And I want to help you a little more with quick and practical tips you can start doing in your day to day.

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