Better Posture for Confidence and Health

Having good posture goes beyond having pleasing aesthetics. To pay little attention to your posture is to disregard a key component to your health and vitality. By learning the importance of improving the way your body holds itself, you will clear a path to health and confidence.

Here are the top reasons to become posture pro

Leads to Peak Physical Health: When your body is properly aligned, there is less tension throughout the systems that keep everything together. This includes the ligament, joints, muscles, tendons, and the vertebrae. The organs also have freedom to move and receive proper circulation. Think how sad the lungs are if the body is hunched over at a desk for too long. Breathing would be quite the challenge in that scenario. To improve overall health, posture must be optimal.

Energy Boost: Does it come as surprise that poor posture can result in poor energy? When the body is misaligned, circulation becomes diminished. Without an easy going flow of blood and oxygen, you start to feel like you need nap, or several, throughout the day. When you improve circulation by opening up the body, you will begin to feel as if your energy has shot up and your cognitive function becomes clearer.

Alleviate Pain: Muscle imbalances can put a serious strain on the surrounding joints. This leads to noticeable pain. Both acute and chronic. Luckily, this can be improved my bringing the body back into balance. It’s important to know which muscles to lengthen and which to strengthen if you want better posture.

Mood Enhancer: Let’s not exclude the mental component to better posture. Studies have shown that adopting a posture that is upright leads to an increase in confidence and higher self-esteem. Can you think of a time where you were feeling down? What posture did you adopt? Most people tend to have their head dropped, shoulders rounded, a sign of inner defeat. What if you can become more aware of your posture and use it as a way to enhance your mood and radiate confidence to those around you?

More and more people are becoming aware of their posture. This is especially true for those who work in a chair for hours on end. By practicing exercises that improve our posture, we can finally achieve the health and vitality we seek while decreasing the aches and pains of sedentary living. So embrace your new found awareness and love for good posture.

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