The Magic of Mushrooms

Adaptogen Mushrooms

If you are looking for a super food that is backed by science, look no further than mushrooms! This isn’t anything new, traditional healers knew the health boosting properties of shrooms for ages. It seems only recently that modern western society is only now catching on!

Below I’m going to share with you the TOP adaptogen mushrooms and their health benefits.

A: Adaptogens are any substance that help the body adapt to environmental and psychological stress, bringing about homeostasis. For example, in traditional eastern practices some mushrooms have been known to fight off tumor growth while others fight viruses and bacteria to support the immune system. If you are dealing with a varying degree of stress in your life, making adaptogens a part of your supplement routine can be of immense help.

(I recommend practicing caution and not relying on any one food/supplement as a solution to any underlying problems, always addressing the root)

What are some ways to start including adaptogenic mushrooms into your diet?

Many ways, in fact you will find that one of the more popular methods is by adding them to drinks such as coffee, tea, and smoothies. You will find health food stores will sell powdered elixirs that you can use as a blend. Some coffees and teas come infused with the mushrooms already. Be sure what ever you buy, it is a reputable brand and the ingredients are organically sourced. One of my favorite brands is Foursigmatic because I know their ingredients are top notch.

Top 5 Mushrooms You Want To Get Acquainted With

  1. LIONS MANE: Known for cognitive performance, easing anxiety, depression, high cortisol levels, deeper sleep

    Well known for both it’s cognitive defending and boosting properties, Lion’s Mane is wonderful supplement to keep your mind as sharp as knife. Researchers have found this to be the case as one study suggests that lions mane could aide in protecting and encouraging the growth of neurons of the brain. Knowing this, we can see the potential future with diminishing the rate of degenerative brain diseases such as alzheimers and dementia. More studies need to be conducted in these areas. But for now there’s no doubting the benefits of this mushroom.
  2. SHIITAKE: Known for improved immunity, liver and heart health, antioxidant properties, anti-aging

    Not only is it fun to say, but Shiitake is one of the most well know mushrooms in the world. For good reason too, for these mushrooms are loaded with vitamins and minerals. This includes Vitamin D, Zinc, riboflavin, Vitamin B5 and B6, copper, and magnesium. This could be why it seems Shiitake mushrooms are important for building a strong immunity against diseases.

    This mushroom can either be taken in a supplement form but also eaten as a whole food, going well with recipes as a side.
  3. CHAGA: Known for reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, improving immune function and alleviating joint pain.

    This antioxidant abundant mushroom appears to be beneficial for it’s immune system strengthening properties and for decreasing inflammation in the body. Why is that important? Well an overly inflammed body, over a long period of time is susceptible of developing chronic diseases and other alignments. By reducing inflammation, one gives there body the greatest chance of healing and recovering. Chaga may just help you do that.
  4. REISHI: Known for lowering stress levels and anxiety, improved sleep, immune health.

    When you hear the word reishi, the word relaxed should come to mind. This is because this mushroom is used by many for overcoming stress and fatigue. Someone who feels over worked and is not getting an adequate amount of good quality sleep report seeing improvement when supplementing with reishi. In one study this mushroom was even shown to improve the cancer related fatigue of breast cancer patient. There could be a bright future for this adaptogen in the medical field.

    In a time where most people aren’t getting the recommended hours of sleep and feeling high amounts of stress, one could see the benefits of supplementing with reishi.
  5. CORDYCEPS: Known for increased stamina and energy, pre-workout, adrenal gland support, immune support

    Grown in certain parts of North America, Japan, and China, Cordyceps are highly regarded for their impact on endurance. It’s believed that cordyceps increase the amount of ATP in the body, which increases oxygen utilization throughout the body. Supplementation of this mushrooms may provide results such as less muscular fatigue, increased muscular endurance, and sex drive.

Take Away

Remember, as awesome as mushrooms sound, you are going to always want to make sure you consult with a physician before making any changes to your diet and supplements. Everyone is individual and some may experience different results with supplementation.

What was the most interesting thing you learned in this blog? What can you apply today knowing what you know now?


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